Thursday, November 4, 2010

thrifting, foxes, ira & abby

can you believe i'm blogging three days in a row?! i'm on a roll. i think it's because i have actually been having some free time lately. homework hasn't been too bad. since i didn't have to stay up late working on homework, i watched a cute movie last night called ira & abby. it's really a quite funny & scandalous movie. & the main couple is adorable. i rather enjoyed it : ) i've been having time to browse the internet recently too! i have come across this neat site that has free sewing patterns. while looking on the site, i found this adorable halloween costume that a girl put together: fantastic mr. & mrs. fox. now, i haven't really done any outfit posts before, i think because i'm a bit shy about it :] but i wanted to share what i found thrifting today (because i got my homework done early!!). there is a thrift store just down the block on the corner from where i live, which is awesome! i found this top for $0.60 (!!) & a nice nylon bag for $1.40. what kind of bag to you call it? i know there is a name for it...

lastly i want to share this collaboration song that i discovered on g's blog. anyways, i love it & i hope you do to! i'm heading home for the weekend after class tonight. hope your weekend is good!


dandelionkisses: i try : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: it was so cute! i have actually made something similar to the little brown paper bag before. i used brown paper & folded it around the end of a small pack of gum & then took it off. so cute! THANKS for the package again!

natalie: haha, what can i say, i like food! :))

megan: hello! you should really try this dough, it's yum! & worth it.


  1. I love that costume. My husband was the big bad wolf this year and everybody thought he was Fantastic Mr. Fox. What tomfoolery!

  2. i say you post more outfitss, that shirt was very cutee :)

  3. Ooooh, cute cute!
    Yeah idk what that bag is called either :P
    Neat costume!
    I'll have to check out that movie too.

  4. Oh and in that picture, we really fell! Lol.

  5. Cute top for such a cheap price!
    Looks like it has a pocket...that is cute.
    I love pockets..

  6. oh my gosh the fantastic mr. & mrs. fox costumes are so adorable! And I love seeing what people get from their thrifting finds, 60 cents! You can't beat that, and its sooo cute, i love the bag too!
    Good job and keeping up with the blog, i know it's harder than it seems huh?

  7. I like your bag! I don't know the name but it would be great for books and a laptop! Have a great Sunday Lina ☺

  8. That top is gorgeous - such a good find for 6O cents. I think I will put that movie on my to watch list.