Friday, November 19, 2010


congratulations to allison for winning the wendy helene giveaway! thank you for all of your encouraging words about wendy's work & thanks for entering! if you didn't win the dream catcher, there are plenty looking for a home above a bed in her shop!

i'm home at my parents for the thanksgiving break now. felix & i made the trip safely on the train (yes, i brought my fish with me to mom & papi's). now i have to clean my room out. they've been using it as storage...& now my sister & i will have to sleep in it...somewhere...haha.

photo from here


  1. I love the tradition. Although I have never been black friday shopping, and the bargains sound so good! Especially since urban has fifty percent off everything til ten am. Maybe I'll make a stop there before I head to my aunt's :)
    And yes! Our fish shall be friends :)

  2. I like your blog! Interesting pics all round.

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