Tuesday, November 2, 2010

fast food

i feel like life is going by way too fast. i can't believe it's already november. i just need to relax & take time to enjoy the simple things in life. like taking time to cook food with a friend.
& enjoy every last bight of delicious desserts like this flan.
p.s. my birthday is this month!!! i'm so excited : )
dandelionkisses: excited about your etsy : )
natalie: i love the little details in the dream catchers too. i think they are what makes them special.
kittycat: i'll post about when wendy does open an etsy!
amy: the rain didn't last long here either! :/ i want more.
thy lady: when i first saw some of her dream catchers i was amazed that she made them too! not that she isn't craft talented or anything, they just looked so brilliant!
linda: hehe i'm trying to be "back" but life is getting in the way right now :/ you are able to take photos in the museum as long as there is no flash! i was lucky : )


  1. Aw, I hope you have a happy birthday, Lina!
    All the food looks really great.


  2. uuuuah the dessert looks so good :)


  3. Awww! Happy Birthday!

    The flan looks delish!

  4. THAT MAKES ME SO HUNGRY! Even though I just ate dinner, that just looks so gosh darn delicious. yummy. :D And yay for your birthday month!

  5. thanks for the comment! :)
    ah, that food looks deliciousss! it looks make-able! haha
    yay for birthday month!

  6. ohhh the food looks so yummy.
    i hope you had a lovely meal together.
    ummm...did you get my package?? hope so! :) xxx

  7. Omg. That flan....!!

    Heck yes girl, when I come down there for Thanksgiving we will enjoy all the little things ;) Like.....Pie! Haha (Dean ;))

    So excited for OUR birthday month!

  8. Oh yum that looks delish! Love love mushrooms! What is it? And do share the recipe! Happy birthday for later this month! How exciting! :)