Monday, November 15, 2010


turning 23 was a lovely event : ) when i made it to my parent's home the day before my birthday, my mom had decorated it with lots of flowers & bunting! i invited a few friends over for a little potluck lunch.i got inspiration for the cake bunting from here.on my birthday morning, i had yummy quiche!then i spent the day with my mom (girls' day out!) shopping in the city. we stopped at rare device to see sarah mcneil's art show.then we checked out some zines at needles & pens.& of course we had to stop at the curiosity shoppe & little otsu.lastly, we stopped by gravel & gold for the first time! it was such a lovely store. i loved it.we ended the day eating baked falafel wraps, coconut noodle soup, & vanilla bean ice cream in pomegranate juice at herbivore. (i'm wearing my new vintage yellow top!)it was a fantastic day & i bought some really cute things that i will show you in a post coming up! thanks for all of your birthday wishes!!

oh! & don't forget to enter the giveaway from wendy helene. remember, you must include a link of your favorite dream catcher to enter!! if you do not include a link, you will not be entered to win!


  1. HAppy Birthday Lina! looks like so much fun!

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  3. Oh wow! Happy Birthday Lina! I'm drewling over the food and cakes ;))

  4. Happy 23rd birthday! :) Your day sounds like it was definitely a day well spent, what with all of the delicious-looking food and cute little shops that you got to visit. Here's to another wonderful year!

  5. Oh Lina!
    These photos of your house are so absolutely adorable and charming! I LOVE the cake bunting! If you get any more creative I don't think I can take it.
    Ooooh you got the pom/vanilla bean ice cream thing! I love that one :)
    And you look positively lovely in your yellow shirt!
    And I'm super jealous about your shopping excursion, I wish I could have come along! Curse the miles between us, lol, ;P

  6. Looks like a lovely birthday was had!

    Happy Birthday!

    Those banners are gorgeous!
    And I so wish we had that many gorgeous little artsy shops here in Phoenix.

  7. oh happy birthday lina!!
    i hope you had a lovely day! :)
    your birthday package is in the mail. :D

  8. what a nice way to celebrate! and grrrr I miss the Bay Area