Friday, November 30, 2012

25 things to do before i turn 26

1. blog more
2. make a zine
3. cook a new dish (almost) once a week
4. lose 20 pounds (8.6 so far)
5. develop etsy shop
6. make a miguel & lina journal
7. make a terrarium
8. bake bread
9. develop 120 film from diana
10. see cameron's accident site
11. go to the austin, tx blogger family meet-up
12. try wearing red lipstick out
13. donate ?% of a paycheck to an organization/charity
14. start a regular exercise routine
15. learn to play tennis
16. enter snickerdoodle cookies into the county fair
17. enter andes mint cookies into the county fair
18. be an extra in a film, tv show, etc.
19. work on relearning spanish
20. bike in a bike-a-thon
21. bike a total of 100 miles (52.7 miles so far)
22. sell my zine at a zine fair or to a distro
23. travel someplace i've never been before (atlanta!)
24. take photo booth photos with miguel
25. help someone anonymously


  1. This is great!

    I may snag it and so a 21 before 22 post if you don't mind :)

  2. LINA! Surprise!
    just dropping in a hello.
    i had this random idea. . .

    . . . why not blog again?!

    so, now I'm here. rereading my old posts.
    it feels weird.
    I hope i know how to blog again. hahaha.

  3. TWENTY POUNDS?! You can do it! And so can I! Let's be workout buddies via the internet!

    Yay, Lina!

    1. YES! thanks shelby! we are gonna do it! woo hoo internet workout buddies!!

  4. LINA!!!

    I love this, I just turned 24 and I'm making lists in my head of what I want to do / accomplish...etc.

    You should add on your list to visit me, next time your in LA! :)

    1. awww carissa! we really do need to meet up! it will be totally fun : )

  5. Such a nice list!Bake bread and be happy!

  6. LINA! if you become an extra in a movie/show . . . may I tag along?

    1. YES! i'm not sure how to get in one though...haha.