Saturday, July 27, 2013

blogger family goes to austin

 well, miguel & i traveled to austin, texas for the second annual blogger family meet-up! it was fantastic. we took rapid transit all the way to the airport which was quite interesting. it took a bit to get there, but it wasn't too bad. miguel doesn't like flying, so he was pretty brave getting on a flight that was over three hours long. i'm proud of him for that.

once we got there, we were soooo excited!! haha. i love this photo that nicola took of us at the austin airport. i seriously was that excited.
 it was so nice to see bloggers from last year. i couldn't believe that it had already been a year since we met face-to-face in seattle. here are natalie & nicola being glamorous.
 i also got to meet new bloggers as well! this is the lovely kaylie.
 i also was so happy to see nicola for the third time!
 in austin, i would say the best part of the trip (besides being with awesome bloggers) was the food! i loved the food there! & i was pleasantly surprised to find that there were many vegetarian options in all of the menus. this photo below was when we went to snack bar. so good!! maggie (our host) did such a good job taking us to the best restaurants!

 i had to try this mozzarella grilled cheese...!!!

 there was also quite a bit of cute romantic wall art in the streets ;)

 the next time we will be meeting up will be for when these two get married ;) the blogger family gave them this chalkboard as an engagement gift.
 shelby & sam also just adopted a new beagle puppy they named benny & were skyping him ;) too cute.
 we went so many places & did so many things. it was some serious fun. this is at bennu coffee where they had literature inspired drinks : )
 bananarchy! frozen banana galore.
 mozart's had a nice little patio to eat breakfast at.

 probably one of my most favorite stores we went to was uncommon objects. it's a must see & shop for austin in my opinion. miguel even liked it & he doesn't really like vintage & antique shopping ;)

 all of us got dressed up for a fancy dinner at matt's famous el rancho. everyone looked so good! (although i didn't actually get pictures of their outfits :/)

 i'm really gonna miss them. love my blogger family buddies.

miguel & i were sad to leave. we had such a great time & made so many amazing & funny memories with these super bloggers that we had just spent a week with. in the airport while we were waiting for our plane, i started getting emotional. ahhh...only 10 more months until the next meet-up! i am so blessed to have found such wonderful people via the blogosphere. love you guys!


  1. I love your recap of everything! You're so right... ALL OF THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD. We're basically professional food Instagrammers at this point.

    You and Miguel are so lovely and I'm so glad I got to meet him and see you again!

  2. I love it, I love it, I love the whole post! Cannot wait to see you & M again! We watched I Love You Man a few nights ago and they kept talking about fish tacos - our boys might be those guys ;) Love you!

  3. I enjoyed this tremendously.

  4. Love the pictures, and miss you so!

  5. I loved reliving the trip through this post. :) It was such a lovely meetup, and I'm so glad I got to meet you and Miguel!

  6. Such a brilliant post Lina! We all had such a good time together.
    Missing you like crazy. Well done on summing up the trip!

  7. Loved the photos! It was great to see you again and to meet Miguel, can't wait until next summer!

  8. Super jealous! It looks like you had loads fun! And OMG! That mozzarella grilled... I would be all over that!