Friday, July 5, 2013

exploring the islands

 well, i have been away for a bit as you can tell. i went on a trip with my family to the caribbean islands! we took a cruise, so we were able to go to multiple islands. if you follow my instagram, you may remember these photos. the photos are from st. thomas, barbados, st. lucia, st. kitts, st. maarten, and puerto rico.

 these last photos are from puerto rico. out of all of the islands i went to, i love puerto rico the most. old san juan was so beautiful. we stayed at the casablanca hotel, & i highly recommend it! (just be prepared for no elevators ;)) we stayed right in the middle of old san juan & were able to walk just around the corner to caficultura - one of our favorite spots.

we had a nice time exploring different cultures : )

my sister has officially moved back home. but this is only for a month or so until she leaves to (most likely) thailand to teach english for about a year.

soon miguel & i will be off to austin, texas to reunite with blogger family bloggers of last year & new blogger family bloggers as well! we are both quite excited!

things have been going by so fast. i thought i would have more time once i finished my thesis, but now it seems everyone know that i am done so i have so many more things to do. it's pretty crazy...


  1. That water is just about begging me to come swim in it. Glad you a great trip!

    Enjoy Austin! Wish I could be there, but I send my love like always. <3

    1. the water was SO NICE. it was warm & i loved it because the beaches where i live are all icy! we will miss you in austin!

  2. Looks like a super fun trip! I see that we also have the same backpack!