Saturday, July 6, 2013

a few little notes

me & miguel on the fourth 
photo credit: lizzie

+ miguel & i went camping in june & we had so much fun! we did forget to pack a pot to heat water for tea & oatmeal in the morning, thus cutting our trip a tad short, but it was all part of the experience & we are both waiting for the weather to cool down so we can go again! 

+ i want to try making this. i can't eat raw egg anything (i even have to have my fried eggs over hard - otherwise, my poor tummy!), so this recipe will be perfect - especially in summer! & it's healthier, which is a big plus!

+ i kind of went crazy at the jcrew factory sale...i mean 50% off the whole store & 60% off clearance?? yes please. got my first pair of jcrew ballet flats. retro jade suede. so excited. photos probably in the future! (p.s. the sale is until tomorrow so you still have time to see what there is!)

+ since it's been SO HOT lately, i really want to try this cute scarf updo from delightfully tacky

Head Scarf Updo Tutorial from Elizabeth on Vimeo.

+ back in june, the blogger family had a "favorite things" swap organized by maggie. i got an amazing package from shelby! thanks, shelby ;)

+ the county fair is going to be starting up again soon & i'll be working again (as i have for the past 10 summers?!) in the building where they display all of the arts & crafts, baked & preserved foods, etc. that people enter. this year i will be entering two cookie recipes (as part of my 25 before 26) & miguel will be entering his beef jerky! i'm super excited. i'm going to take the train to stay with him on monday (for our monthiversary hehe) & he's planning to start the jerky that day. he always impresses me - making his own jerky : )

+ i've been looking for a striped tee. not exactly just any striped tee, but more along the lines of THE striped tee. a comfy one that isn't fussy (meaning not see through or too clingy). what t-shirt brands do you like the most? i need help!

that's all for now! stay cool! (& for those in the cool now, stay warm! ;))


  1. I've wanted to try that scarf updo, too! Imams I'm glad you liked your favorite things package. I thought that would be a fun swap to do. And good luck finding THE striped tee! I've just realized that of all the striped clothing I have, there is nothing I'd consider as THE one, so I will have to join you on your quest!

  2. Camping (mis)adventures sound quite enjoyable to me! I would love to go if any of my friends were at all outdoorsy, haha. The cookie dough balls look so yummy. Shelby and I appear to love the same eggshell blue color; it's just so pretty! Ugh, finding perfect tee shirts is so difficult. They're always the wrong fabric or fit or something! Tell us if you find one!

  3. The scarf updo looks like fun! I wonder if it will work with shorter hair?

    Shelby's packages is SO PRETTY.

  4. Oh jeez... I was unaware that J.Crew was having such a great sale! Haha, I've been online shopping like a maniac lately!

    I feel your pain when looking for THE striped T... I feel like my idea one would be knit... but that's just me. I have yet to find it.

  5. i love everything about your lovely blog!