Saturday, August 10, 2013

catching up

 well, life has been a bit of a whirlwind since austin. i had no time to take a breather after getting back home. the next morning i was at work, bright & early! i've been trying to enjoy the little things - like enjoying a neat lychee drink from the asian market on the way home from work. also, i've been enjoying the apple app "calm" to relax with.
anyways, that next weekend after coming back home, i had plans with my sister, raquel, & melissa to go to the city for lunch at melissa's boyfriend's restaurant where he is the lead line cook and the renegade craft fair.

 melissa was nervous to see her boyfriend at work ;)

i got some fun goodies! my favorite is the lovely yellow pouch/clutch from slide-sideways.

i've been using it a lot lately & love the size of it. i didn't think i was very much of a clutch girl (i don't think i've ever owned one before), but i'm liking this one. i took it with me when i dropped off my terrarium to the county fair (i got second place! i was beat by a much larger terrarium.)
 miguel came to the fair to see my terrarium, the cookies i baked, & the beef jerky he entered. i think it's neat that we both entered things this year.
 in other news, i picked up moonrise kingdom & pretty in pink during a trip to target for q-tips...
 & my tee from everlane came in the mail. i recommend the tees! soft & not see-through ;)
 my sister
my sister is leaving to teach english in thailand in the beginning of september & will be gone for much of the next year. i'll miss her, so i've been trying to spend as much time as i can with her. this was taken at a coffee shop while we were on our sister date ;)

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