Monday, August 19, 2013

weird moods & other things

1. cheese & pimento bites i picked up from the filipino bakery one morning on my way home from my morning walk.
2. grapefruit for breakfast.

life has been feeling strange lately. i can't quite place it. i've been in a weird mood & not sleeping well. I hope it passes. i think it has something to do with feeling like i am in an "in between" stage in my life. i'm transitioning into a full-fledged "adult," but i'm not there yet. i'm still in my "in between" stage & i'm not liking how it is feeling. i have no more schooling to do (which is so weird!) and only a full-time job to find. it really is such a strange transition for someone who has been going to school full-time for over twenty years.

i've been looking at several positions & have sent out requests for letters of recommendations so i can apply to the positions. i don't know how to say it, but i just feel so weird. like i know i'll eventually get a job (but now it's not just a job - it's more of a career), but when? what kind of job will it be? where am i going to work? it all just makes me really nervous & i don't like the unpredictability of it all.

in other news, i attempted kaylie's hairstyle! i loved how awesome she looked while in texas with her braided updo, & i wanted to see if i could pull it off. it's a bit messy, but i think with some practice it could look better. i just loved how nice it felt to have all my hair up without feeling too heavy on top of my head : )
i still have a thing for clutches & these are top on my list.

i've been watching parks & recreation on netflix with my sister lately & we love the show! it's so funny. i don't know why i had never watched it before! that show never fails to put me in a good mood.

this dining room before & after is pretty impressive. the table & bench were made & miguel has told me many times that he wants to make a good portion of our furniture ;) makes me all happy inside.

i leave on the train tonight to visit miguel. i'm really glad i get to spend a couple of days with him, because i really need it. being apart is tough.


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  2. Oh, Lina. Your posts always make me so happy! Those cheese things looked so good when I saw them at work (meanie! we don't even have a vending machine!), Parks & Rec is the BEST!, and I love your hair, and also I love that you guys want to make your own furniture! Granted, we haven't "made" most of ours, just a bench and an upcoming headboard, but refurbishing crap has been so fun! Love you both!

    1. oh, shelby. you make me so happy! a big part of why i started watching parks & rec is because of all the good quotes you were posting from amy poehler. anyways, great show! i'm already on season 4. oh wow i'm on season 4 already?! wow.

      also, i can't wait to see all of your finished projects! your wood wall art (not sure what it is called) is SO GOOD! i am seriously impressed with it.


    I feel like it really must be an odd feeling to just be done with school after it has been such a huge part of life up until now. I know you have good things in store for you.

    And oh my goodness, the hair. I was very much wanting to try it after observing Kaylie's adorableness also. You definitely pull it off!

    1. it makes me feel good that you believe i have good things in store. it's encouraging. & i need that. thanks, natalie : )

      also thanks about the hair! i have a feeling that you could pull it off too...!!!