Monday, August 26, 2013


1. items from my last ikea run (all for about $20!)
2. decorations at the mexican restaurant miguel & i tried out (disappointing food)

a few little notes:

i've been busy planning my sister's 22nd birthday : ) i just got off the phone booking facials & massages for her & a few friends at the spa. i found a great place for lunch where they have three different vegetarian taco options. and i'm searching the web for a reasonably priced nikon dslr for her to take with her to thailand as a birthday gift. i hope everything turns out great! i'm excited  : )

i bought two of west elm's favorite throws today as they are having free shipping today! for both, it was only about $20! i was a happy lady.

i discovered a new photo app today called studio! it's like "over" & tons of fun. plus it's free!

i found the best homemade mushroom soup recipe. i made it & my tummy was so happy. it is such an instant comfort food!

this post seems a bit skimpy, but that's ok. i just had to share those things with you : )

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