Sunday, August 11, 2013

one & a half year anniversary trip!

 miguel & i went on a trip to the coast & to visit his family for our year & a half anniversary this past week : ) we started the roadtrip with breakfast from starbucks. we stopped a few places along the way & did some shopping & eating.
 we ended up checking into our hotel around 7pm, changed (well i changed haha), & headed out for our anniversary dinner. the food was delicious & the dessert was just as good (if not better!).

 we spent the next day around town shopping & sight-seeing. miguel & i had taken a trip here before & it was nice making new memories in familiar areas. we stopped at this bakery coffee shop for some drinks while strolling the shops.

we were searching for a particular shop where miguel bought a swiss army knife at last year. he lost it when it was in his car that was stolen. i wanted to get him another one : ) we found the shop! he didn't like any of the swiss army knives they had, but he did find another knife that he fell in love with. it was like watching a kind in a candy store. he was so excited about his new knife. later we stopped at another store & i ordered him exactly the swiss army knife he wanted ;)

we stopped to have sandwiches on the beach & miguel carved our initials in a wooden bench with his new & beloved knife hehe.

then we headed to the fisherman's wharf for more shopping & dinner with a window seat of the bay.

later that night we gave each other foot scrubs from lush! haha. it was fun & a definite memory maker!
 the next day we checked out of our hotel early & headed to miguel's parents house for fancy breakfast of french toast with berries & powdered sugar. we spent the day visiting, watching movies, & cooking & eating together. also, miguel's sister, adilenie, treated me to a manicure - fun girl's time!
 i even got to help out with rolling the enchilada's with miguel's mom & her sisters (miguel's godmothers). i really enjoyed cooking with them : )

in the evening we said our goodbyes & started the long drive home. miguel sang to me in spanish while we drove home ;) i would say that is the perfect end to a great trip.


  1. Congrats on your year and a half anniversary! What a fun adventure this seems like- the food looks delicious! Also, really love your hair style, it's so pretty! :)

    1. hello victoria talia! & thank you!! you are so sweet. the food really was delicious. & i'm blushing. thank you!!