Saturday, September 21, 2013


i haven't blogged in almost a month, which may be the longest i've gone without blogging! september 1 marked the end of my 5th year blogging (even though i think i celebrated 5 years last year on accident. haha oh well.). it rained for the first time this season today. i was so happy! i can't wait for the first day of fall (tomorrow) & all the cozy weather that comes with it. as a matter of fact, right now i am curled up on the couch with my new pink west elm throw. bring on the rainy & cooler weather!
my sister left on september 6 for thailand! she will be gone for at least 7 months. she will be an english teacher to 4-7 year-olds. i'm very excited for her, but miss her already & it hasn't even been a month. i'll be planning a trip to visit her soon : )

lately i've been looking for a full-time job. i applied to one at a university research center. it's in the same town (such a cute town! photo example below of the town's movie theater complete with bikes parked outside! i mean come on.) that miguel works & we would literally be working a couple of blocks away from each other - which normally would be whatever, but when you live over an hour away from the one you love, it is a definite plus to be so close. so we are rooting for this position.
it was so windy one morning while we were having our bagel breakfast before work, but i wanted to take pictures. this was the result:

even though the weather has still been so summer-like (besides today!), i've been trying to lure the cool fall weather by getting into the spirit of fall by having so many pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks & baking pumpkin bread pudding (made my own recipe & it actually turned out really good!!).

i even attended a jam & jelly canning workshop with lizzie & my mom! it was so great & for only $5 we learned so much information, made jams, & went home with over six containers each of jams, jellies, lemon curd, & apple butter! it was a great day.

future plans of mine includes:

1. helping at my church's health fair tomorrow. i'm working the registration/welcome booth! i'm actually really excited about it. haha.

2. watching this film. i cannot wait for it to be in theaters. also, it's the perfect musical pick for the trailer in my opinion.

3. taking the train to visit miguel for a few days on monday. i feel content when i'm with him. we will most likely be looking for a wedding gift as we were invited, for the first time, to a wedding together. i don't know why, but being invited to a wedding with your boyfriend makes things feel kind of official? anyways, we are excited.

4. getting a few letters in the mail (hopefully!!).

that's it for now.

oh! has anyone seen the movie now you see me?? trippy movie at the end! did not expect that! miguel & i saw it & were both like "whaaaaat?!"

ok. i think that's it now. byee!


  1. I'm excited for that film too, the trailer looks so good and Ben Stiller doing something a little more serious is interesting. The bread pudding looks really tasty!

    1. yes! the more serious tone looks good on him i think. the bread pudding was so moist & flavorful with the added pumpkin!

  2. You're so cute! The West Elm blankets, but sadly ours live permanently on a blanket rack upstairs as Benny thinks the fringe is food ;)

    I hope you get the job! Being closer to your love is the BEST.

    Love, love.

    1. aww poor west elm blankets! but sounds like it was fun for benny ;)
      still waiting to hear back about the job! thanks shelby : )