Wednesday, October 6, 2010

fun times

i got a package in the mail from shelby this weekend! i was so surprised & flattered when she contacted me a few weeks ago telling me that she found a candle "that screams lina" at the market & wanted to send it to me. i was so excited & surprised : ) well, she sent me a fabulous package with much more than just a candle! although i must say, i LOVE the candle. isn't it awesome? owls are so cool.she added a fortune telling fish....looks like i am passionate? hehe.& one of the things that i am so excited about is the notebook she sent me. it's a notebook that i actually saw at target & wanted right away. now i have it! it's from the line that john derian is doing for target right now. i love all of his things!these glasses are so fun : )i'll leave you with a few photos from my arts & crafts class i taught on monday. they successfully finished their moulds & deckles for papermaking! next class - start making paper!


amy: hehe it's fun to think about how they must have been when they were our age : )

hope adela: hello! thank you : ) i really liked them too.

shelbyisms: thanks for the package shelby : ) grey's rocks!!

dandelionkisses: wow. i can't imagine! i really want to go with you now.

carissa clark: how cool! i'm definitely going to check it out : ) good luck with it!


  1. Omg, what a wonderful package!!
    That candle does scream Lina :)
    And I want one of those fish!! Lol.
    Great glasses and notebook.

  2. Am adoring the fortune telling fish!!! Hope all is well with you! Greets from Switzerland =))

  3. what an awesome package!
    shelby always knows what to send :)

  4. LOVE the glasses!! awesome stuff! hehe. :)

    oooh your workshop looks really intersting, go you lina!
    miss you. xx

  5. Shelby = the bomb. Her package looks awesome, and the owl candle is so cute. :D And it looks like your arts and crafts class is so fun. I want to be a part of it, hehe!

  6. Nice! Do you have good craft tips for me? Something that 6-year old kids like;) I would need some more ideas!

  7. oh i love that you're teaching a class! that's awesome! p.s i know i said i'd be sending you something, but i've been a bit busy, but i can assure you it's coming :)

  8. lovely package! always love those fishes !!

    what a beautiful song again here, by the way!

  9. I'm just now responding, ah so busy lately. Glee films at the high school in LA where my church meets at. It was pretty sweet.
    I love your glasses in the photo haha so cute.
    I've also love the fact that you have music on your page, it makes me linger on your page for a little longer just to listen :)

  10. Hi Lina, Im Hannah,
    Am having fun reading your blog, and can totally identify with the excitement felt when a blogger sends you a pressie!

  11. Oh my gosh, I was just playing with one of those fortune teller fish last night, it was amazing! I got "fickle" and was not surprised!