Thursday, September 30, 2010


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i'm having trouble, for some reason, uploading photos tonight. so these are from a post i created a few weeks ago.

so, tonight when i came home from class, i put the tv on to get ready to watch greys anatomy (love that show) while i made my dinner. the show my generation was ending & all of a sudden i heard mumford & sons. i got totally excited to hear them on tv. then, at the end of greys anatomy they were playing mumford & sons again! i was so surprised. & happy.

this morning i was talking to my mom on the phone & she told me, "oh, you can see two guys at the same time, you know. it's ok." & if you knew my mom, your mouth would drop like mine did when i heard her say that. i was shocked & laughing for a while after that.

one last thing, this is what i was trying to upload to show you. i'll probably still upload it later, but it is the holstee manifesto. i saw it on hearblack & printed it out right away. it's now on my wall, just above my mumford & sons post-its.


dandelionkisses: oh, did you finish the book?? she does make paper, doesn't she? oh & readymade is doing a year subscription for only $6.99 so now is the perfect time to subscribe : )

natalie: you are sweet : ) & i love teaching my arts & crafts class!


  1. I do hope you can join us in our Seattle adventure!
    Haha I would be shocked too! My mom actually says random stuff I'm shocked at a lot though...

  2. these photos are so inspiration! love your blog!

  3. Heck yeah girl, 2.97$!
    I also got a jacket and two tops for the same price. (there were three racks)

  4. Grey's Anatomy is amazing and Grey's Anatomy plus mumford & sons is even better :)
    Yes, we are starting an online vintage store very very soon, still working on the website & all that. Here's the facebook page!

    I love the Shakespeare quote! Can't wait to read more <3