Wednesday, September 29, 2010


i got my readymade magazine in the mail this weekend. i seriously love this magazine. it's full of diy projects, helpful hints, and all kinds of recipes. i especially like the little write-up about anna allen's line of clothes. her clothes are so neat!

i have to start thrifting for wooden frames that i can use to make mould & deckles from for papermaking. (to make one, see my tutorial). i'm going to be teaching my arts & crafts group of girls how to make paper this coming monday. i'm really excited because it will be an ongoing project for this year. i'll let you know how monday's class goes : )

i'll leave you with these two post-its i made that are stuck to my wall by my nightstand. they are both quotes i love from mumford & sons songs. just excuse my silly penmanship!


amy: the movie was good!! you should see it. but i think it's one of those movies that either you love or let me know which one you are : ) oh & this summer trip sounds interesting! i'll message you soon!

shelbyisms: love them! do you know if they have any of their stuff on youtube?

dandelionkisses: see the movie!! let me know what you think. oh & i really think you would love the boba tea. for sure.

natalie: it was hard to say goodbye, but i know i'll see her again soon : )

allison: oh it is! i had no idea what i was missing!


  1. I really want to start making paper after reading The Time Travelers Wife ^_^
    Cute post its!

  2. Oh yeah, I watched the movie! I like it a lot I think they were such a great movie couple. *gorgeousness*
    Also, I love that mag too, I really should subscribe....

  3. ooh, paper making sounds like it would be a pretty neat project to try :D that's cool that you teach an arts and crafts class!

    mumford & sons <3 and please, everyone always says their handwriting is bad, but i like yours!