Sunday, September 26, 2010

goodbye raquel

i went down to los angeles area this weekend to move my sister into her university this weekend. i'm going to miss her! while on the trip, cameron took me to a boba cafe. it was the first time i ever had boba tea. it was yummy :o)at the hotel, we were all so sleepy & everyone fell asleep on my bed. i thought it looked a neat photo, how they were all curled up together.i just got home from the trip & am now watching this movie called uncertainty. so far it's pretty good! i love the colors in the film. plus joseph gordon-levitt is in it, so.... : )thank you all so much for all of the awesome music suggestions! they really made the long drive down south bearable : )

i'm headed back to my new place tomorrow. i really need to go grocery shopping...


dandelionkisses: oh i love the album cover too! aaahhh radical face : )

amy: awesome list amy! thank you. since you were the first person to list songs, i downloaded them & put them all on my ipod for my trip right away. they were perfect. i especially love plane & in our talons.

pauline: really liked wasted hours! it's like really...chill : )

liska cole: girls have so many good songs! i really liked lauren marie.

shelbyisms: "a fine frenzy had a baby with mumford and sons and i am so ok with that" - love this!! haha. i tried to find the music on the myspace, but i couldn't... :/

natalie: hello! oh i am so flattered! you are so sweet : ) i love how there is like this whole blog family around. black coffin was just a fun song! & fun is awesome!! i love all the pretty girls. thanks for the suggestions :D

carissa clark: we do have quite a bit in common : ) i'm so sad about castledoor too! :/ i love love laura marling. thanks for recommending her! oh & grouplove, just listened to them - amazing! thanks hun!


  1. Glad you liked the songs :)
    The Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie sounds good.
    And I love boba tea! So yummy!

    Oh and the lovely blogging family has a summer trip planned facebook me if you want to find out more! :D

  2. i'm an idiot, sorry!

  3. I always wanted to try that boba stuff....Haha. that is a cool photo how they feel asleep :)
    OMG I have to see this movie now!! Lol, eee! I'm going to go find it right now.

  4. awww. it must have been hard to say goodbye to your sister, but it certainly looks like your little trip was fun! :)

    mmmm, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. he is just one supremely gorgeous man. :D and yes, i just adore the blogging community we have here!

  5. Boba tea is amazing!! :O