Saturday, September 18, 2010

this afternoon

i'm enjoying a relaxing sabbath afternoon visiting with my family. raquel made peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies & now she is making a collage. i am planning to get some crafting in this afternoon too.
i recently labeled all of my posts & i added some of the labels on my sidebar. but now i cannot figure out how to have them show up at the end of each post. can anyone help with that??
i'll leave you with some giveaway links!! brinja is giving away two lovely bird brooches here. & sarah is giving away the cutest little reversible drawstring bag here.
brit: thanks brit! & yeah...i can't decide if i want to buy it or not...hmmm : )
dandelionkisses: yes i do, & actually i didn't realize, but i like it with just the birds & not the rose photo. it looks neat!!
pauline: oh how cool! it's a real commitment. & part time would be the way to go if you have a job for sure. let me know if you do start the grad school thing. i'm studying sociology. i'm hoping to be a professor at a community college eventually. & my address is the same(ish) i will just get it when i visit my family again. i can send you my new one too (i just have to check with the lady i live with to make sure it's ok)! thanks : )
amy: hehe. yuuumm.
molly: hello! yes it is! are you (or were you) in grad school? what are (were) you studying?


  1. Yeah? I just figured I should keep my rose photo because of the name of my blog.

  2. No I'm not home yet.
    And I fixed the link, tell me if it works for you.

  3. I tried to visit the post office this morning to send your package, but they were closed! Maybe tomorrow :)