Tuesday, January 5, 2010

thrifting with the girls

i went thrifting to day with abbie & the girls. got a lot of neat things! (starting from top left, going clockwise) fold songs of the old world record set $1.39, 1965 winnie the pooh story book $2.00, painted bird cups $0.69 for both, kerr mason jar mug $0.55, flower plate $1.60, 1956 bird field guide $0.49, plastic 35mm bell & howell camera $2.09, & 1941 book take to the hills: an ozark chronicle $2.50.later when we got back to my house, we each had a marquise & watched 500 days of summer. perfect day.


my: hehe. yeah, sometimes i think this may be a food blog! yay for sanrio : )

nowhereinparticular: oh my goodness! i just realized, we were in your town when we ate there!

jessica: you're welcome! oooo! yeah i want one of those too....

perfectly placed pauline: yes! i really liked it when i found it. i think my mom looks like a goddess or something lol. & i love how my dad is looking at her. adorable.

dandelionkisses: yeah! i think i may sometime. i want to look at her other albums for other good photos.

petunia: definitely! it's a lot of fun & totally cool : )

penelope: hehe. yeah i think they were (& are!). hmmm....yeah i need to find a perfect calendar. thanks though!

danica: thanks! yeah, i think these photos are awesome. i'll have to post more later on!

kait: that's beautiful about your parents. i kinda know what you mean. yes! your post made me so happy : ) & i'm excited that your sister is going to make one too!!

inside the cabinet of wonder: yes! you should post some sometime too!

alexa: yes, i love it.


  1. i love your cups.
    one day, i really want to take a coffee/tea
    cup and collage the outside with various pretty
    flowers. (:

  2. Wait you where in Fresno? Nice lol I think I may know which Indian place you went to... Haven't been ther yet but plan to try it.

  3. Oooh I love the bird cups and plate! Lovely finds :)I can't wait for you to see my dresses and go shopping at Junkie with me :)

  4. first off i want to say i fell in utter love with whatever song it was that was playing on your blog when i first arrived. it was a very beautiful piano piece very minimalist sounding with a touch of windham hill. gorgeous.

    i love thrifting it's always such a neat experience and you always find something unique. winnie the pooh never fails to bring a smile to my face.

    and finishing the day with 500 days of summer? perfect!

    hmmm... book recommendations, Chocolat-Joanne Harris (the movie was based on this book. it's a great read.), also anything by Neil Gaiman, John Green (my current favorite young adult author), Poe, or Lovecraft (i've been in a horror short story mood a lot lately).

  5. Thrifting really looks like fuuuun! I have to try it one of these days ;))

  6. I LOVE that bird book!!! fab stuff!
    thank you for my xmas gifts! lovely lovely! thank you ever so much! :)

  7. I am so so jealous of your Winnie the Pooh book!! I want one so badly! I just love the cuteness and the illustrations! And wow you found an original... The ones they sell in shops here are all new and just not as cute...!

  8. you really share a lot of cool things on your blog.. great photos and random things like these!

    i'm glad to have found your blog, really

  9. Lucky you!! I love it when I find cool stuff almost for free!