Tuesday, January 26, 2010


i am so completely exhausted from the first day back at school. just thought i'd share.

coming up: things in the mail & handmade things : )

photo from here


amy: woa! a tornado warning! how interesting : ) yeah i love your idea of waking up to rain on the window & staying home all day in pjs & drinking tea! also, how nice of you! i'll email you soon!

dandelionkisses: of course! oh & isn't the video awesome? lol i have so many more that i love... oh! & the link was so cute! i want to make creatures like that!

kait: that's an awesome concept of all of us sharing the same skies : ) haha, that's a funny nerd story. & i seriously know what you mean about school & blogging! it's happening to me now.... :/

brit: me too! but with larger beads : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: haha. yeah the polaroid...i think i look scary in it! rain is definitely magic : )

annette: hello & thank you!

earth: hello! awe, but the rain is so beautiful!

.naa.: yes yes! completely : )

perfectly placed pauline: oh good! i'm so happy you like it : ) yes, i use to collect stamps when i was younger, so i still have a soft spot for them.

danica: yes! i love getting mail. also, it seems a lot of people wish it was raining. i think i've been having enough rain for all of them!

ggbbgg121: hello! i'm sorry, but i'm not sure what you were saying... :/

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