Tuesday, January 12, 2010

visiting wendy day 2

wendy & i went thrifting for day two. i bought some old photographs to add to my collection. i forgot my camera at wendy's home, so sadly i don't have any photos from our outing. when we got home, we worked on some friendship bracelets.
for my trip, i took my stuff inside one of my vintage suitcases for the first time. i got this one at a garage sale for less than $1, an incredible deal. when it came to dinner time, i made some guacamole to enjoy. the avocados looked so perfect that i wanted to take photos of them : )for some fun dessert, wendy brought out some vampire lunch gummies from germany in the shape of drops of blood & skulls. i thought it was cute.

thanks to all who commented about wendy's lovely home! i know she appreciated reading your comments : )


perfectly placed pauline: my pleasure! pockets on dresses & skirts are my favorite. i love all the plants in her home too! i know that i have the worst time with trying to grow things. & she has four larger bookshelves in the next room! it's like her own library!

brit: she has so many books that she has her own little library of four more bookshelves in the next room! so fun : ) i am not vegan, but enjoy vegan food. i am a vegetarian though & have been since i was born!

mandy: i love plants in rooms. & that is so neat that you named your spider plant george! i love it.

coleandjosephine: hello! ahh yes it was amazing : )

.naa.: thank you! & she has so many other pretty dresses too!

inside the cabinet of wonder: it's super cool isn't it? hehe & i get to stay there! we are both having a blast : )

jessica: ooo! i'll have to check out that book. perfect because i've been looking for some new good reads : )

kait: i know exactly what you mean about a home being too modern & cold! i love wendy's type of home too. & thanks for your sweet words : )

amy: it really is a wonderful visit. & you should make some vegan mac & cheese!


  1. Mmmm... guac! You're blog has been making me hungry lately.

  2. That looks like so much fun ! (: I hope you had a great New Year ! (:

    Your mail came last week - thank you so much I absolutely adore it ! The lavender smells so divine & you are sure quite the sewing lady (;


  3. P.S. The make tea not war sticker is the BEST !! I love it :D :D

  4. oh such a beautiful suitcase, i hope for the day when i can own something like that!
    i love the gummies! i am glad you are having a lovely time! :)

  5. You bought that suitcase for less than a $1..?
    how? that's amazing. good hastling skills.
    and that avocado sip looks so yummy.
    what's the recipe?