Monday, May 18, 2009

i collect photographs of strangers

my cousin wendy sent me a little package filled with old photographs of people! i love buying them at antique shops. it's fun to look at them & wonder what these peoples lives where like. this is what the note she sent with them said:
beloved cousin! i found these in a thrift store up here in sonora. i thought you might like them :D
love, wendy
p.s. my fave is the girl on the ladder
thanks wendy!! my favorite is the couple in front of their car:]

melissa: oh.... hahaha!! yes! i am, are you?

allison: good! oh yes, i am so glad i found it! it has been a lifesaver while studying for finals.

xavia: can't wait to see yours!


  1. those are some top-notch photos that you got on your hands there. wish my cousins would send me artistic materials like so.

  2. So cool! They look all so full of stories <3

    I'm glad someone likes Grey's Anatomy as much as I do. I can't wait to october to see the season 6 <3

  3. Yay! I am so glad you like them! I thought they were so interesting. I like to think of their lives too :)

  4. What an interesting collection you have! I see you have tagged me! You're so sweet. I will post that soon!

  5. That was a very creative gift that your cousin sent you! The pictures truly are thought provoking. How funny it would be if somebody recognized a picture!

  6. I like to collect similar... there's is something strangely beautiful about photos like these of people you will never actually meet.

  7. ooh I do this much fun to fill in their stories! What a great gift.

  8. hey lina
    this time i tag you :)