Monday, May 4, 2009


my mother's 50th birthday was yesterday! my family had a wonderful day of exploration at a science museum (my mom taught high school biology, physics, & chemistry, & she loves this kind of stuff) & ended the day with sushi. i armed myself with my polaroid & ipod for the trip.
on a side note: in case you don't know, birthdays are a big deal with my family. when it is one of our birthdays, we all take the day off of work & school to celebrate with the family member. very big deal. it's like our own mini holidays four times a year!my sister & i acting silly:] in the 3d theater.this is the top of the museum. it is a living roof! i thought it was such a great idea.i bought some astronaut ice cream for everyone to try. it is freeze-dried & then the moisture from your mouth restores it. crazy stuff.

sushi was a wonderful way to end the birthday festivities.

tomorrow is cinco de mayo! although it seems to be more of an american holiday than a mexican one, i still love celebrating it & my heritage. i'll be having fun tomorrow...although i am not sure what i will be doing yet...

allison: yay for uo! haha yeah i was never in to it before, but i decided to see what it was like:] i'll have to check out ghost hunt...

-j.m.williams: yes i have been! haha. i'm really liking them.

perfectly placed pauline: spirited away & howl's moving castle are on my list to see now:] & about rob ryan, at the time i knew i had seen the art before on a blog, but i wasn't sure if it was the same artist or not. i'm glad it was:]

tomas iliffe: yes i quite liked that book (this is for you), especially the art, it amazes me. i do want to read the novel (everything is illuminated) & i also want to read his second novel extremely loud and incredibly close.

xavia: no! unless there is some reason i can't send it to you, there is no problem for me to send you some cranes! i am already sending some out of the country:] it will be no trouble. just shoot me an e-mail.


  1. Thanks for linking me! That book does sound great. I'm going to try to pick it up :)
    That museum looks amazing.

  2. PS. I want to try outer-space cake :(

  3. my 1st song is called candyland by cocorosie


  4. never figured you as an anime fan. lol Well tell your mother I said Happy Birthday. Say are you going to be making an appearance at Soquel campmeeting this summer?