Saturday, May 30, 2009

this is how i am

i saved these photos on my computer a while ago & thought i'd share them today. (mostly because i wasn't sure what else to blog about...). they are taken by chloé richard. she seems to be able to capture people in their element. i like them.
in other news, maximus my fish has sadly departed:( i think the move back home was too much for him. it was a long drive.
alexa: i thought you would like it! can't wait to see it.
xavia: you know what? i don't know! the old owners named her. but i didn't know about jubilee from x-men. i am really glad you shared about her! now i'm excited:D
allison: thanks:] she is pretty cute. oh! molly was yours too? how cool is that? hehe.
inside the cabinet of wonder: :D hehe. thanks for sharing quinto:] thanks so much for the link to your show! i really liked exploring it!
dandelionkisses: yes you must visit!! she is a good excuse to come:]
mandy: haha yeah! she is like that! thank you:]


  1. Sorry I didn't reply soon, but thank you very much for the tagg/award! * You're to kind!

    I also have award you :) *

  2. Thanks for the comment sweet, I'm very happy that something productive can come of such boring times!:)

    every time i come on here you have such beautiful music playing!..I'm off to download Band of horses now!x

  3. Sorry to hear about Maximus!
    -But now you have a cute little dog instead:) Congratulations!