Thursday, May 28, 2009

silly me

amongst all the travel, graduations, and parties the past week & weekend i forgot i got another award!! this is a happy childhood award from xavia of ashes on snow. thanks xavia! it is part of a tag as well where you are to show photos of childhood memories.

some of my childhood memories consist of the following (all photos from google image search): star trek the next generation, music on cassette tapes, jellies, visiting lots of museums with my mom, catching bugs, mister roger's neighborhood, american girls (molly was my favorite), taking photos with my first camera which was exactly like the one below.

this was a fun one:] now i tag & award inside the cabinet of wonder, an apple named mary, strumpet's crumpets, angelica s-j, & pop elegantiarum.

brinja: oh yay! well, you can post about it, give it to other bloggers, & even copy & paste it to your blog. all of that is if you want to :) it's really up to you! i can't believe how close i was either! it was my first time seeing a bear in the wild!

xavia: i can't believe i forgot! ugh. & i am always so excited when i get tagged or awarded! don't forget i tagged you!


  1. Oh Yea! I'll have to photograph some of my old loves - hiding in our trunk downstairs.

  2. but lina, i did the " 5 current obsessions"tag long time ago :/
    anyways, i'm sorry if i've been too pushy and stuff,hope you had good time with the tag :)

  3. Ahh! Molly was my favorite too.