Saturday, May 16, 2009

hello my name is lina

i got a package from nicola today! it was filled with all sorts of goodies, even a red party hat! hehe. & she made me a badge that says "hello my name is lina" :D thanks nicola!
srg85: oh boy! too bad:/ my starbucks is just around the corner of my block. but i don't go there too often... i like to support local coffee shops:]
inside the cabinet of wonder: aww. poor thing! everything will work out beautifully, i'm sure of it:] as you can see i got your package!! eeek! haha. i thought you would like those animal crackers.
patricia: aw haha. cute:] & you are so welcome!
xavia: yes, & i am so ready for a break! wow july!?? yuck! ohhh...i haven't mailed it yet...sorry, i was planning on mailing it after finals are over, which is in a week. hope that's fine!
dandelionkisses: wait - what's the difference?? i thought they were the same thing! haha.


  1. Awww, you look so cute in the first picture!!
    Kind of like a little kid.

  2. hehe you gotta love Nicolaah! she makes such a marvelous effort :)

    I'm gonna fish my special badge out and re-attach it to my jumper..even if it does say happy birthday!

  3. auw, what a sweet friend. (: hi angelina! i always read your blogs! :D

  4. and you're so adorable in the first picture.