Sunday, May 10, 2009

give mom a hug today

photo of illustration from book little house of your own.
have you wished mom a happy mother's day yet?
these are the bunches of roses we are giving out to the mothers in the family. they smell super good.
this is my mother's day gift to my mommy:]
we went out to breakfast & i colored in my moleskine with the crayons at the table for kids :Ddandelionkisses: no i haven't seen it & i don't want to...


  1. you were so good to your mother. Those roses look lovely and ditto for your moleskine. The elastic that goes around the pages gives me such joy when it closes with a snapping noise against the leather.
    I love your about me. simple & nice is truly the best.

  2. Aw what did you get her? I didn't my mom anything I feel AWFUL I'm the worst gift giver.....Haha Anthropologie tissue papper?

  3. i gave my mother a hug and some new perfume. she smells fantastic now. that's not to say she didn't before, but you get what i mean.

    i have never once gotten her flowers, though, and i'm thinking i should