Friday, May 1, 2009

books & movies

happy may! i took the bus to urban outfitters the other day. i bout some books that were on clearance for $4.90 each. one was by rob ryan who does paper cutting art. check out his etsy shop. the other was an old children's book called jenny and the cat club. it has cute illustrations in it:]. i just loved the bag they came home in. it is so neat looking!
when i got home for the weekend i went to the library & checked some stuff out. have you seen any of these movies? i have seen everything is illuminated (so good!!) & becoming jane (i am a huge jane austen fan... plus james mcavoy is in it!) but i wanted to see them again. & i just saw nick & norah's infinite playlist last night. it's a fun film:o) & cute at many times. i liked it.
i was in a japanese anime mood from watching whisper of the heart (a great suggestion from allison! since i liked my neighbor totoro) so i checked out some manga books. i had never read any before, so i wanted to give them a try. they are quite entertaining so far & make me laugh.
inside the cabinet of wonder: =) i'll send you some soon! i am good & hope you are too.


  1. Urban Outfitters is the best!
    And I like their neat little bags too. :]

    I'm glad you liked the movie! It's definitely one of my all time favorites. I used to be really into anime/manga, but I kind of grew out of it. The only manga that I still keep up with is this one called Ghost Hunt.

  2. if you like totoro alot you should check out some other hayao miyazaki films from studio ghibli

  3. Oh I loved Spirited Away! Such a great film, a great moral to the story. Howl's moving castle is also another good one to check out. And Rob Ryan! I can't believe it's on special! Great buys! :)

  4. Someone special bought me Rob Ryan's 'This is For You' for Christmas last year. It's a great little book.

    Also, I've seen 'Everything is Illuminated', and it is a great movie. Have you read the novel? There's so much more to it.

    I still haven't seen 'Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist' or 'The Kite Runner'.

  5. omg spirited away so so good, i've seen it couple of times .
    anyways i wished i had few cranes but i spouse it will be a pain in the ass to mail me up to bulgaria :/