Thursday, April 30, 2009

drumroll please

this is what 100 cranes looks like
thank you to all who participated in my paper crane giveaway!! it was a lot of fun creating the whole thing.

the winner, picked by random generator this morning, of my paper crane hanging is..... MELISSA!! congratulations melissa! woo hoo!

to thank those who participated, i am offering a few paper cranes to be mailed out to anyone who entered. just e-mail me the address to send them to at

perfectly placed pauline: yes! i love mine. i even have it engraved on the back "the shadow proves the sunshine."

perfectly placed pauline & tomas iliffe & brinja: the book is super fun! it's by keri smith. i posted about it before here.

melissa: i can't believe you won! haha. i just did the random generator & out popped your number! i wasn't expecting it because you were the last person to enter. i just have to string them together & then i will send it your way!

allison: oh!! thank you for the movie suggestion! i looked it up online right away & actually found the whole movie on youtube. it is so good! haha & cute. i loved it:]

tomas iliffe: :o) i'm glad you like them. they are about my favorite band. good old war is pretty good! but to me, they sound different... but still good! thanks for the suggestion.

brinja: lot's of people seem to like the book:] the cover is really attractive.

patricia: i know, right? it was simply amazing. but yeah... i know what you mean about the film. i only use it on special occasions.

w. murdock: yes it is:]

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  1. oh well done to the winner!!! you are ever so lucky!! how i wish to have won. :)
    i would love some little cranes please!! :)
    hope you are well my dear.