Friday, April 24, 2009


i found the most amazing food blog! it is all vegetarian food, so i can make & eat any of the recipes! it is fresh365. it has the most brilliant photos. just look at those colors! so beautiful. the blog says: "focusing on seasonal, organic and local products." check it out for sure!
1. spring pea soup
2. polenta with fontina, parmesan, & thyme

xavia: lol. i got the candle holder at kohl's, but i don't think they sell it anymore... & i'm looking around, trying to decide what i would change the banner to.

allison: i am so glad you took the time to watch it:] i saw it & it was definitely worth posting.

-j. m. williams: haha....miss lina. yeah i like it too, but i think i may change it if i find something that i like enough.

maria: oh that's a good idea with the cardboard, i couldn't think of anything & ended up doing almost nothing...:/ i am glad you like the oak banner:] i may change it once i find something to change it to though.

inside the cabinet of wonder: :D, i took so many photos that it was hard to choose only a few to post! i loved it so. i'm going to work on sending your something today, though it most likely won't get in the mail until next week...

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