Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy april

i picked up a copy of slumdog millionaire yesterday!! i watched it with the family last night. it was as fabulous as the first time i saw it!

for those of you interested in making wendy's oven-toasted pesto sandwiches, this is how to make them:
bread roll (any you prefer)
cheese (any you prefer)
kirkland pesto from costco
mixed baby greens
cut the roll into two halves. spread pesto over each half (i only do one). cover one side with sliced cheese & the other side with sliced tomato & onion. lay on cookie sheet & broil in oven until cheese melts & bread is a little crunchy. take out & add some baby greens to it. & enjoy!

so, today is april fool's day & to celebrate i am posting some funny movie trailers that vamptastic vamp created using twilight clips. they are quite funny! but if you haven't seen the movies they are for, it may be a little confusing...

allison: ooo! that's a good idea. i'll have to see if it's enough fabric though..i'm not sure. 500 days of summer!!!
jordan williams: wow!! really?? a veggie huh? NICE. how's it going so far? well, how to make it is above:]
brinja: aladdin! you should try making the sandwich, i bet you will love it!
sophia: p&p!! now you can make the sandwich:]
inside the cabinet of wonder: ohhh! it is on the way to the post office as i type. finally! i do hope it is there when you get back to uni...i'm not sure how long it takes for england... :o)


  1. I loved watching slumdog millionaire! Very inspiring..

  2. LOL! Those videos are really funny.

  3. i watched slumdog millionaire a couple days ago! and a little of it on the airplane! i love that movieeee! yeah every person i showed my picture to, they busted out laughing hahaha. ): how is it over there by the way?! i miss my home!

  4. Thanks, its interesting a little hard but im plugging away. Slumdog greatest movie ever lol

  5. eeek! i am sure it will be there when i get back to uni!!! :)
    i am putting together your gift package in return at the moment!!! :)
    ohhh i wish for slumdog to be out over here!!
    hope you are well you beautiful and lovely person!!