Tuesday, April 7, 2009

things that made me smile today

this is just a photo of something in my room. these two little chinese people are from my friend ying who lives in china & the 7up glass bottle is from mexico.

i thought this photo of president obama was cute:] sorry, but i don't remember where i got it from. i liked this too. it is from here. i'm not quite sure why i like it, i just do.

i actually am done with classes this week & am heading back home to my parents today. most of my professors cancelled class for a sociology conference. so i am very happy i don't have school again until this coming monday. it's like an extended spring break!

caitlin: :o) thanks for the tag darling. i actually already have done that one though...but thanks for thinking of me!

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh, do get the book! i know you would like it :D ...moleskine & ipod, ah yes!

allison: it really was! i had never had that kind of cheese before & it was just so good. & i LOVE senorita bread!

the cherry blog: yes, it was fantastic!

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  1. is so sweet ... i am so happy lina like the two chinese dolls. My sister told me she had sent the gift to you. I give our house's address to her .so maybe she will sent it there. The president obama I looked his inaugural speech of the video on the Internet, remember i moved by the spirit of "change". i know how hard it is for him to get it.and ,is so cute picture!