Saturday, April 11, 2009

outside my window

this beautiful photo was taken by melissa of my window in my room. i really liked it:]
i just started a flickr account to house my scribbles & a few of my artist trading cards. check them out if you want!
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this cute drawing was found here. it made me smile.

-j.m. williams: thank you. maybe you'll get your birthday surprise....we shall see!

ying: yes we did!! they are beautiful. thank you!! we will send you a photo of us in them soon. oh! once! isn't that movie so good?

xavia: oh no! i'm sorry. *sigh* hopefully you get a job you will like more. us starving students need all the help we can get.


  1. i'm not sorry cos it took me over a year to realize i didn't belong there nomore.anyways i'll check your flickr profile since you've got one :)

  2. angelina! i read your blogs. the "adventures with super papi" blog was cute and made me laugh! :DDDD And your friend from China can REEEEEEEALLY DRAW!

    And yes everybody, I TOOK THAT PICTURE!:D

  3. woah that picture is delightful . . . it makes me homesick for you

  4. Gorgeous photo! It really inspires me.