Tuesday, April 14, 2009

early day

hi! my easter scarf fit the day perfectly:] easter was a family party out of town, delicious food, & relaxation. hope yours was just as wonderful.

i had a big test this morning in my social inequalities class. i was quite worried about it & couldn't sleep very good. i ended up waking up at 3am & was not able to go back to sleep. so i decided to study until i had to catch the bus at 8am. i was so hungry at 3am so i made some tea (stress relief tea!) (by the way i am in the process of rereading twilight for the third time!).right when i was about to leave to catch the bus, i spotted these beautiful flowers that lydia (my housemate) put in a vase by the door. it made my day:]after my classes i had a yummy falafel pita for lunch. it was so good! now i am super tired & am heading home to relax. maybe even take a nap which is a rare lina event! oh! & be sure to sign up for my giveaway!
xavia: thanks! oh, you know what? that might be a neat idea to give the option of mailing a few cranes out to people who didn't win...hmm...nice idea!
allison: thank you dear:]
-j. m. williams: happy easter jordan!!
melissa: oh, i thought you did... & thanks melissa!
abbie: !!! oh i'm homesick for you too... (check your mail!) & happy easter to you too. haha you know what? i totally see you liking that photo now that you said it...haha. i love you.
kiwitz: hello :o) that is a beautiful idea for a wedding! oh i love it!
inside the cabinet of wonder: yes it is filling up! it is actually quite fun folding a little each day:] yay for packages!
sara abdel azim: hello & happy easter sara! thank you:]
sophia: thank you darling!
sonia.: welcome! thank you for your kind words! oh, i'm sure your cranes are just fine:] the photo IS pretty amazing, my friend melissa is quite talented:]
outi: thank you:]
brit: thanks! i got the idea from a project in the readymade magazine:] love that magazine!


  1. oh my GOODNESS!!!
    when i got through the door i couldnt wait to get your package, and it is beautiful!!! thank you so much! the stickers were amazing, and the other cute bits and pieces!! thank you so much.
    i am sorting out stuff to send you right this moment!!!
    thank you again my lovely pen friend!!!
    yay for twilight!!! 3rd time!! woop.
    beautiful photos.

  2. Uhh, the scarf is so cool, good job!

  3. Falafel is perhaps my favorite thing in the world.