Friday, April 3, 2009

the adventures of super papi

the other day was my papi's birthday! this is the card i made him. when he was little he LOVED comics:] so for his birthday i made him super papi!we started the day out with breakfast out. the breakfast place even had an obama burger special! too cool!we all shared a shortstack as an appetizer (a family tradition).after breakfast we watched seven pounds (a present from my mom to super papi). i'm not sure if i liked the movie...what did you think of it? we then set out to the big city for our yearly dinner at super papi's favorite fancy restaurant. first, we started with drinks, then we moved to the dinner table for our courses.
super papi loved his birthday:] he can't wait for next year! happy birthday super papi!

sara: oh it is! it's up there with my top three favorites i think.

allison: hahaha. i know!! i'm glad you enjoyed them. lol. you should check out the other ones they made. they're all pretty good!

melissa: hellooo!! oh i miss you & so does your home! everything is pretty normal here...not too much happening. see you in a little:]

jordan williams: good for you! it is, it really is.

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh you are too nice to me!! i am super excited about this package stuff!! it is waayy fun:D can't wait!


  1. sounds fun. spend time with dad is good :D
    anyway, I love your eyes. teehee.


  2. Hey, found your blog through my friend Nicola (Inside the cabinet of wonder) and thought it was cool :) I'd never heard of Beirut before i came here and now i'm downloading their album! they're marvelous! Thankyou :D..also! absolutely love Yann Tierson, the composer of all the music from Amelie! very good choice of profile music x

  3. Omigosh! Seven Pounds mande me sob my blooyd eyes out. I was supprised at my reaction, since I usually only well up over movies.