Saturday, April 25, 2009


rachel's bridal shower was nice. this is the gift i gave to rachel, inside is four dipping bowls & salt & pepper shakers:] i wrapped it in paper from bangladesh from my paper collection.

when i got home, i found that castledoor's new album shouting at the mountains came in the mail! i am so excited & i have been listening to it non stop.
all day, i kept remembering this cute japanese anime film my neighbor totoro that i watched when i was little with my cousin. at first i couldn't remember what it was called, but i did a little research & i found it. i really want to get the four volume ani-manga series from it. anyways, here is a little clip from the movie:


  1. ahhh i love totoro! i have a really big plushie of him ^^ ahhh so cute with the rain and smile! xxx

  2. totoro lol good stuff lol i remember that

  3. I love My Neighbor Totoro!

    Whisper of the Heart is a really good movie kind of like that too: