Monday, April 27, 2009

ticket to ride

just got back to my university via the train. it was sad to say goodbye to my cousins after such a short visit. but at least we got to see each other for a little bit:]
i've been really busy folding cranes for my giveaway. it's almost time to pick a winner! i'm excited. haha.
cranes folded = 81 (whoo!)
still need = 19 (almost finished!)
i've been listening to the new castledoor cd & nothing else! so good! my favorites are: free, hidden treasure, & fifth tambourine. go to their myspace & check them out if you are curious.
inside the cabinet of wonder: hehe. yes! lovely polaroid. yes, i left it with my mom to mail off when i left to go to uni today:] cattle market sounds sooo amazing! i truly want to go there! i always go to a thrift store near my parents home called "thrift store" haha. anyways, it always has super good sales & a whole section divided for antique things! i love it:]


  1. Good to see an old model ipod! Everyone has the new touch ones. I still have my trusty white one too :) That book 'How to be an explorer of the world' looks really interesting. What's it about?

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  3. I'm going to check out Castledoor in a minute, or two. May I repose the question about your interesting looking book?

  4. Castledoor are great! They remind me of a band called Good Old War, a whole lot. You should look them up.

  5. I love the cover of that book!

  6. I love the new Castledoor CD :) Yay. And my mom just told me, that we own the Totoro movie! I just have to find it...Hmmm...