Sunday, April 26, 2009


orange rings for breakfast & a seeded bagel. ate them while reading the may issue of nylon! (dev patel is in it!!)
raquel & i made peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies last night. we are going to give cameron 23 cookies for his 23rd birthday:]
my cousin wendy is coming into town & staying with us for a few days! i'm happy because i miss her.

only three more days to sign up for my giveaway!

lulu: oo! really? i want a big plushie of him :D awe.

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  1. :) Those cookies look so good!

    Yes it is a date stamp. The date stamp I got was from those cheap shops and it cost AUD2.95..(around USD 2.10) It came with a free ink pad too. I hope you get one soon. They're really cute. :)