Sunday, April 19, 2009

we'd be so great together

i just loved that short film. thought i'd share it with you.

i found the most adorable site: letters to crushes. here are a some of my favorites:

i’ve got this ridiculous crush on you, and i’m falling in love, and i feel totally silly - sillier than i’ve ever felt in the twenty years we’ve been married.
— ken

going on seventeen,
you looked at me yesterday. and today. i can’t wait for tomorrow.
even if you look at me like i’m crazy, it’s worth it.
— going on eighteen

we’d be so great together. i’m waiting for you to figure that out.
— your girl

every time i see my initial on here, i always hope it’s about me. and that it’s from you.
— j

i like it when you ramble.
— him

This is just to let you know I love all of our conversations, even though I’m extremely nervous whenever I talk to you.
— K

I think I’ve underestimated you for a long time.
I’m glad I’ve come to my senses.
— E

your song has 170 plays on my computer. now every time i see you, i think postcards from italy.
— me

that last one made my heart all fluttery:] i liked it.

on another note ... my friends melissa & cameron just came from two different trips out of the country. melissa is back from the philippines & she brought me back this cute little bag. cameron is back from africa & he brought be back this awesome soapstone box that says "hakuna matata!"

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  1. The short film is so cute, I love it!