Monday, April 27, 2009

finding finds

went thrifting yesterday! here are my finds: i got my second polaroid camera ($2.78) & it already had film in it! i wasn't looking for another polaroid camera, but that film sold me! the next thing i bought was a book called the awakening(1899) by kate chopin ($0.97). the back says "far too bold and candid for its time" & "chopin's portrayal of a woman who resisted authority in her quest for freedom is now regarded as a landmark in american fiction."
then i bought a pair of deep blue mugs ($0.37 each) that were made in italy! i really like them.
perfectly placed pauline: they were super yummy! wow! that is such a good price!! good find! yes i really want to get a date stump.
w. murdock: why thank you!
-j. m. williams: oh you know about totoro? yay! haha.


  1. yay for your polaroid camera find!!! wahoo, thats amazing!! and with film! and CUTE picture of you!!! :)
    eek!! i am very happy that you are sending me something!! i cannot wait! :)
    where do you go to get your beautiful finds? i always go to a place called 'the cattle market', it is always full of rubbish and junk people do not always need to hunt through the rubbish!!
    hope you are wonderful!!

  2. film already inside polaroid? nicely done!

    see, i've had to resist buying a lovely second hand polaroid purely because i know that i would go broke on film alone. it's quite sad.