Wednesday, March 11, 2009

slumdog millionaire...

...was exhilarating! i felt so energized & happy after i saw it. i took my friend naomi to see it yesterday for her 21st birthday. it is a definite must see. & i loved dev patel:]

angelica!: thank you! that is so nice:] & you are welcome for the link!


  1. I think I will see this when it is out on DVD.

  2. Im gutted i missed the chance to see this, but i cant wait to rent it! xx

  3. this movie is AMAZING!! i love it so. the music was fab. i also love dev!!that was such a nice thing to do, take your friend to the cinema! i loved the last photo. :)
    oh and and and i loved your post below so much!as you can guess i loved quite a lot!!
    hehe. speak sooon xxx

  4. Isn't it just the bestest!? I saw it over the Christmas break and loved it so much, I went on an indian literature kick afterwards. It really inspired me on so many levels---not just with the subject matter but the vivid colors and culture of the country. i can't wait to watch it again on DVD!