Sunday, March 22, 2009

this is how i feel right now

just like this:
from here with thanks

i'm at the university on one of their computers right now, so i don't have much to use for posting.

i just found out that where the wild things are is coming out later this year. i've never read the book, but i always thought it looked interesting! i'm excited to see how it turns out!

allison: welcome:] & i'm excited it's finally out!!

sophia: yes that poem is so creative & it inspires me.

lisa currie: !! yay:]

barbi malibu: hello! thank you for your nice words!

jesska: you are welcome! i enjoyed reading it:]

katrine ny: thank you! i was so amazed when i saw the sky like that that i had to take a picture of it, but i only had my cell on me...oh well:] & thanks for the tag anyway!

kylemstevens: it is:] i want to make comments on your blog but i can't seem to with out being signed into wordpress...which i don't have an account with...:/


  1. omG doesn't where the wild things are look AMAZING??? when i found out about it i kind of freaked out and got really excited and i am going to die waiting for it to come out...but your scribble is so sweet :)

    i hope you are doing ok?

    <3, angelica

  2. ...I wish I felt like that.