Saturday, March 14, 2009


photo taken with a lomography actionsampler
hello. sorry, but no pictures from yesterday's arts & crafts meeting. the photo above has nothing to do with this post, except look pretty. it is of my sister's cat alice.
i did a little blog browsing yesterday. here are a few that i liked:

lisa curie just started the scribble project club from the scribble project that i think i am going to work on today at some point. go try it out! i think it is going to be fun:D

that is all for now. happy scribbling!

inside the cabinet of wonder: :D! yes i did realise that you commented when i posted. haha. funny how things work out. dev! dev! hehe. also i started the science of sleep yesterday. i really like it so far! let me know how you like castledoor. & i am addicted to scenic world! & beirut:]

oh, hello friend.: hello! it is an amazing skirt....maybe i'll where it to church today...

allison: will do definitely!


  1. i'm gonna have so much fun scribbling. i'm so glad you accidentally gave me two. haha.