Sunday, March 1, 2009


february just flew by without so much as a "hello!"night out with these ladies. they never cease to make me smile:] below, raquel looks like a growling lion!today i have a lot of homework to work on... so much for weekend rest!

muchlove: my pleasure! oh rice krispies is fun. i haven't had it in a while either... but i loved the sounds it made:]

brinja: haha. i kinda feel like a monster eating little people! & hairspray REALLY makes me want to dance.


  1. feburary did go by so fast. what the heck man. but guess what? it is sunny now!! and warm. i am wearing shorts for the second day in a row! ooooh (read as a squeal of joy), it makes being barefoot a million times more delightful.

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  3. oh yay, im in your "these are neat" list :)
    thanks so much.

    also, i love looking at your picture blogs. they always have a unique artistic aesthetic to them.