Monday, March 23, 2009

little boy photoshoot

i went outside to take some pictures of the pretty tulips a few days ago. little boy, lydia's (my housemate) cat, went out with me. i kept trying to take pictures of the flowers, but he always wanted to be in the photo!finally, he let me take a photo without him in it. i eventually gave up trying to take flower photos and focused on taking a little boy photoshoot:] he liked the idea, but he was to excited & kept coming too close to the camera! he settled down a bit & posed through the grass.
finally, i got a pretty good shot of him:]
angelica!: i am doing quite well thank you! & i know! wild things looks fantastic!! thank you for the kind words about my scribble:]
allison: haha, yes, well...i feel quite lazy.


  1. your cat so cute, i want a garden to sit in with this nice weather, great pictures.

    i wanna do a project with buttons but my nans buttons are so pretty dont want to ruin them. i hope i will find more to have my own collection.

  2. Cute little guy!
    My fishes are good too -they are hungry all the time, I think thats a good sign:-)
    And I have to clean up the fish-tank once a week -that bores me a bit...
    Still havent found them names, so I just call them fish!

  3. such beautiful photos!!
    i like them very much! :)

  4. aaaw he is so cute! i love cats!! great pics! x