Thursday, March 26, 2009

spring break has begun

photo from here with thanks!
i'm home for spring break! my mom picked me up from the university this morning. i got a small tutoring job for spring break at a learning center in town. i start later today. i'm not planning to go anywhere this time. i think this may be a first for that. but i need the extra money, so that's ok. here is a list of what i will have to do while i'm home:

  • register for summer school (:S)

  • petition for spring 2010 graduation

  • see movies from the library (suggestions please!)

  • make critter softies

  • mail nicola's package (!!)

  • write sociology of gender paper

  • study for social psychology exam

  • go thrifting (:D)

  • get papi a birthday gift (his birthday is next week!)

mandy: oh yes, i wouldn't want to ruin those buttons either, but at the rate you are discovering your own collection i think you will be ok! & i am happy it has been nice enough out to sit outside:]

brinja: oh i'm glad fish are doing good! i haven't been cleaning maximus' tank lately.... i will probably have to do that when i get back from spring break.

inside the cabinet of wonder: thank you:]

xavia: haha yes he is... sometimes:] lol.

maria: thanks! haha, veggie burgers are the best!

the cherry blog: he is:] thank you!!


  1. lucky I wont have spring break until another week. Suggestion on a movie if you enjoy documentaries, it's called "Invisible Children: Rough Cut". I very much enjoyed it, hope every is going well. Tell your family hi and happy birthday to your father.
    -Jordan Williams

  2. Hmm...what are some of your favorite movies?

    If I know what you like, I will probably be able to suggest something! :D