Sunday, March 29, 2009

beach day

a few friends & i jumped in two cars & headed to the beach for the afternoon yesterday after church. it was the perfect day for the beach. we had loads of fun just chilling, playing guitar, jumping in the waves, taking pictures, & searching for rocks. here a few photos from the daytrip:
allison: i have seen sense & sensibility & love it:] the fall looks really interesting! i'll be sure to check it out & see if they have it at the library. thanks for the suggestions:] you're the best!


  1. hey lady!! i hope you have lots of fun on your break from uni! :) it is nice to go home for a little bit isnt it? :)
    you look like you had a lovely time, i would love some sun and a beach to visit!!

  2. hey nice pics, im sooo looking forward for the summer to come :)