Friday, March 13, 2009

many different things

long wait at the train station yesterday. but i like the station. it has an old-time feel to it.when i got home to my parent's house, i made a trip to the library and borrowed some movies for the weekend: lost in translation (yes, just for you allison), the science of sleep, love story, domino, & a good year. have you seen any of these? are they good?

today, i'm teaching my arts & crafts girls some more atc techniques. maybe i'll post some photos from today's meeting later on today. also today, i found out that my favorite band castledoor (photos from them) is coming out with their first full length album on april 21! it's called shouting at mountains. oh, & get this, they recorded with robert schwartzman of rooney (yes, caitlin, your robert!) i am super excited. be sure to check them out!
ok, i believe that is all for now. have a fantastic weekend!

allison: be sure to do that! :D
the cherry blog: aw. well, you won't be disappointed!


  1. ah you posted just as i was writing a comment on the other post!! funny stuff.
    i am very much going to look up that band!!
    i love love love the science of sleep, its simply beautiful, you will like it so much.
    ..oh also, fab music on your blog missy!! i am in love with scenic world by Beirut!!
    have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Be sure to tell me how you like the movie!