Monday, March 30, 2009

there are so many things i want to share with you

life has been quite good lately while on break. yesterday i had one of wendy's famous oven-toasted pesto sandwiches for lunch. it was so yummy!after lunch, raquel, mom, & i went thrifting! i found the other boleyn girl ($2.09) by philippa gregory, peach panty hose ($0.50) from the 80s, & a blouse ($1.5o) that i bought for the fabric. i am not sure what i am going to make with it yet...any ideas? after thrifting & dinner out with the family, we went home to watch a thrifted copy of aladdin. my sister, mom, & i have been wanting to see it after seeing this (singing starts at 1:54ish):

we fell in love with brad kane who is aladdin's singing voice! he was only about 17 when he recorded it:]

i saw watchmen last weekend. i'm not sure if i like it yet. i can't decide. but i do know that i loved rorschach. & i do know that i really want to see this!!!

doesn't it look AMAZING!!?? i absolutely love zooey & joseph looks mighty fine:]

inside the cabinet of wonder: yes i am & yes it is! hope you have a nice break home too!

xavia: thanks:] i'm looking forward to more beach days!


  1. Hmmm, the pattern on the fabric looks like it might make a good scarf, maybe?

    I also have been wanting to see 500 Days of Summer. :D

  2. do you know how to make one of those sandwiches? I have recently gone vegetarian and would love to try different vegi foods.... do you have the recipe

    email if you want or drop it as a comment at my blog.

  3. Aww, I love Disney movies and Aladin is one of my favorite ones:-) So magical...

    That sandwich looks yummy, uhmmm!

  4. eeeek!! my package!! make sure its got your wonderful address in it! i am at home at the moment, but i will get your package when i go back to uni!!! i cannot wait! :)
    oooh i really liked watchmen, but i know what you mean i had to think quite a bit about it afterwards whether i liked it. :)
    yes yes yes, 500 days of summer!!! ooooooooh i cant wait, it looks amazing..although we will prob get it in the winter over here in the uk knowing my luck! hehe.
    hope everything is wonderful where you are!