Friday, March 6, 2009

what i'll be doing today

when i got home last night i had the march nylon waiting for me on my steps. kristen stewart is on the cover & i took a peek inside, she talks about twilight & adventureland. i'll be reading that today along with going thrifting with my sister! maybe i'll get something good & share it with you:]

caitlin: oh good i'm glad. haha. it is pretty funny.


  1. i'm sad too! especially since he leaves right when i fly back down here. or something like that. but i won't worry until until he actually gets plane tickets! (:

  2. oops, i said until, twice. hahahaaa

  3. I bought this at the store the other day!

    Kristen Stewart looks amazing in the photoshoot.

  4. I love the Godfather trilogy as well.

    You really need to see Lost in Translation, Lina!